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Fosters Porn Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 7"

Chapter 7: The Power of Imagination

Wilt carefully stepped through the milling crowd of imaginary friends, balancing a large tray of brownies. Adopt-a-Thought Saturday had one again rolled around, and preparations were in full swing. Everywhere, the friends were primping, making sure they looked their best, whether covered in fur, feathers, scales, slime, or, in one case, nacho cheese.

Here and there, Mac fluttered, setting up the signs, balloons, streamers (Mr. Herriman INSISTED on streamers) and other paraphernalia. Hey, Wilt, he said, waving.

Hey. You seen Frankie around?

No… I think shes still playing with that crystal shard she picked up.

Oh, yeah, I saw that last night. She just kinda… fingers it and stares at it.

Yeah… I guess she sees something in it. Or something. Mac set down. Id better remind her to get moving.

He headed inside, his hoofbeats masking the sound of yellow clogs sneaking up behind him. And so, he was taken completely unawares when someone tackled him from behind.

Hiiiiiiiiii, Mac!

Mac squirmed in the grasp of his assailant, looking up into two huge eyes set in a medium-brown face, her curly black hair done up in three unruly braids that bounced around her head. Yes, Goo Barron had arrived, in her own inimitable fashion.

Uh… hi… Mac said, nervously. He hadnt yet told Goo about his change… shed been away during Halloween with her archeologist parents. So howd she even know? How was Mexico? he asked, forcing a change of the subject.

It was okay, I got to explore an ancient temple an there was a funny statue and a weird crystal but Oooh! You look really awesome Continue reading

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Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Destination Imagination

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Hot XXX Fosters hentai

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