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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 5"

Well, heres the latest chapter. Ive got an overarcing plot for the series now, so it should be easier to work on from this point.

Starting with the reviews for this chapter, Ill be responding directly to signed reviews via PM.

Guyver: She sure is.

Inu: Okay. Ill try.

Kelt: Glad youre enjoying. Kathyll have more appearances soon.

Barry: Glad you like the new title. Frankies pretty happy now that shes not the only one of her species. And shell be discovering some surprising revelations about what she is, what shes capable of, and what her future will bring, starting next chapter.

Dracozombie: There was so much crazyness going on that night that Frankies brief revert to her human form was the least bizarre thing. And yeah… the ending could have been better. Im trying to work on that.

Dark Wolf: Thanks!

Well, without further ado, Ch. 5.

Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie

Ch. 5: My Son, the Monster

November 1, 2005

Well, diary, that couldve gone better.

Okay, so in the space of one night, I regained my humanity, and lost it again. But in doing so, Ive achieved something I never thought I could. Im at peace with what Ive become. Saving the world from an evil sorcerer kinda helped in that regard.

And I have company now… in the process of the nights events, Mac nearly died and I had to use the pendant that transformed me to save his life. Hes actually happy with the transformation, since he was always worried about how lonely I was as the only one of my species. He makes a truly adorable Valix… red fur, blue wings, and that little pink Continue reading

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Fosters Home Porn

Fosters Home Porn

Fosters Home Hentai

Fosters Home Hentai

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Bloo- Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

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