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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 3

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 3

Wow! This is my longest chapter yet, I hope everyone likes it!

Cyburn: Yeah, Macs sweet that way, isnt he?

Semine: Gracias!

That little voice: Yep, thats our Bloo.

Barry: Well, as we can see from this chapter, its gonna take a lot longer for Frankie to get adjusted to her change, and shes not out of the woods yet… and yeah, Frankie and Mac have a bond… though I dont know about romantic; I think Frankie sees Mac more as the little brother she never had. And, yeah… if Madame Foster had gotten the necklace, shed be too busy having fun to get all angsty.

Mario: Yeah, Frankie isnt aging, and Mac is, so one day theyd be the same, but is Mac really going to wait fourteen years for her? And besides, unless Frankie can turn someone else into a Valix (and she cant, at least not for more than a couple of hours) Macs gonna go right on aging. So that might not work out as well as youd think.

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 1

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 1

Hey, everyone. This is my first Fosters fic. I almost wasnt going to post it, since it seems a bit derivative of my other story Rhondagenesis (which has NOT been forgotten, BTW, I hope to have Book II, Chap. 7 up soon, but a friend of mine convinced me. I also have very little clue where this story is going… if anyone has idea, feel free to suggest them.

Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends was created by Craig McCracken as is owned by Time-Warner, Im just messing around in their sandbox.

Awww… guys, you shouldnt have. Francis Louise Frankie Foster blew out the 23 candles on her cake. Shed almost forgotten today was the day, and was expecting the usual drudgery. So, the party had been a pleasant surprise.

Well, the credit really goes to Mac here. Wilt, a tall, gangly, and almost supernaturally-polite creature, placed his one hand on the 8-year-olds shoulders. He found out when your birthday was when the two of you were re-filing all those records that somehow wound up crumpled up and lying around the lobby.

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 7

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Power of Imagination

Wilt carefully stepped through the milling crowd of imaginary friends, balancing a large tray of brownies. Adopt-a-Thought Saturday had one again rolled around, and preparations were in full swing. Everywhere, the friends were primping, making sure they looked their best, whether covered in fur, feathers, scales, slime, or, in one case, nacho cheese.

Here and there, Mac fluttered, setting up the signs, balloons, streamers (Mr. Herriman INSISTED on streamers) and other paraphernalia. Hey, Wilt, he said, waving.

Hey. You seen Frankie around?

No… I think shes still playing with that crystal shard she picked up.

Oh, yeah, I saw that last night. She just kinda… fingers it and stares at it.

Yeah… I guess she sees something in it. Or something. Mac set down. Id better remind her to get moving.

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Know your stars: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friend – Chapter 16

Know your stars: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friend – Chapter 16

Im late, again, there was a tornado here and Ive had some free
time and a test, and I forgot about his, but now heres the next

and instead of Red, Ive put in some guest stars!



including Red, was incredibly anxious to see who the guest stars
would be. (RHYME!)

I wonder who it is? asked Wilt.

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 6

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 6

Orchid Bay City

Nov. 9, 2005

Careful with that, you ignoramus! the cult leader exhorted as his minion gingerly sprinkled the dust upon the tiled floor. If you get any of that outside the lines, the ritual wont work at all! Jeez… havent any of you been in an unholy ritual before?

Ah, shaddap, his lackey replied dismissively. Stuffs a buncha hooey anyway… I mean, resurrecting an ancient evil?

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 2

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 2

MysticSistaKitsune: All right, all right, I wont! Sheesh!

Gojan, Sydnee: Thanks! Im glad you like it!

Barry: OK, Im continuing… camnt disappoint you! Dont wory, well be seeing plenty of comedy along with the angst youd expect from a girl whos suddenly found herself another species.

Frankie’s Birthday Surprise:

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 5

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie Chapter 5

Well, heres the latest chapter. Ive got an overarcing plot for the series now, so it should be easier to work on from this point.

Starting with the reviews for this chapter, Ill be responding directly to signed reviews via PM.

Guyver: She sure is.

Inu: Okay. Ill try.

Kelt: Glad youre enjoying. Kathyll have more appearances soon.

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Roses are Fuschia Chapter 1

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Roses are Fuschia Chapter 1

Hiya everybody! 3rd story on Fan fiction (and this time its not a PPG one!P) Any way this is the first chapter and I hope you all like.

Chapter One: Good Bye My Friend

Laurette? A fuschia coloured Imaginary friend walked in the dark room, so-called her home.

She spotted a figure of a girl sitting down at the table. You could make out the brown curled hair and blue eyes from the hallway light. Another figure was sitting down beside her.

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: An unimaginary night

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: An unimaginary night

Mac walked the five or six steps up his porch to his house slowly. It was another wild day at the Home, and he was bushed. Bloo apparently invited every imaginary friend in the entire city over for some kind of surprise party for his birthday, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He hated surprises, and all of the things that came with them. As such, he donned his war paint, tied a bandana over his head and crashed the whole ordeal. Goo wasn’t very happy about the matter, but what did he care? She was one of many disappointed that day.

Closing the door behind him and turning the latch, he breathed out a deep sigh of relief; at last this crazy day was done. That sigh must have been very relaxing, as Mac suddenly felt a few feet higher off the ground. Opening his eyes just a bit, he grimly realized that wasn’t the case. Staring back at him with tight-set, beady eyes was his older, idiot brother, Terrance. Mac pulled false smile across his face, hoping that it wouldn’t be pulped out of him.

“H-Hi, Terrance? W-What are you doing all suited up? It’s like seven at night?” He frowned at him with his usual disdain and snorted.

“Me and mom are going out for the night. I’ve gotta talk to a judge up north about those windows you broke. We’re gonna stay at Uncle’s place, so she wants you to keep the place shiny, got it, twerp?” To accentuate his concern, he tipped a flower setting over with his elbow, letting the sandy contents gush onto the carpet. “Looks like you’ve got cleaning to do, maid!” With this he laughed his way out the door. His mother wasn’t far behind, coming down the stairs in a casual, yet professional dress.

“Mac, I’d like you to just keep things in place while we’re gone, okay? It’ll just be for a day or so, so you shouldn’t worry. Can I ask you to maybe take care of some of the laundry while we’re away? Oh, and don’t worry, I saw your brother knock over the vase…I’ll make sure he knows that.” This made Mac smile sincerely, and he hugged his mother.

“Sure thing mom. You two be safe. Love you!” With that, she closed the door. Mac drew back the blinds to see their car drive slowly away, Terrance’s arms folded dejectedly. Letting the blinds fall, he closed his eyes and contemplated. A whole day by himself, with no brothers or teachers (it was a Friday, after all) or parents to annoy him? He wondered what he’d do with himself in the meantime. Deciding it was best to keep himself busy, he started gathering the laundry. A hamper was next to the washing machine, and he began a room to room sweep of the house. Mom’s room, his room, his brothers room, each were cleared of clothes, and separated into piles. Socks and underwear went into the white pile, pants and shirts into the color pile, good shirts and mom’s stuff goes into the special pile. Flailing the socks and shirts, pants and pantyhose, Mac made sure to check the pockets of every pair of pants. Mom always had a special rule that if you found it, you got to keep it. This gave them incentive not only to check their things before they tossed them, it also inspired them to help out every so often. One of Terrance’s grungy jeans was next; not a pleasing prospect, that much was certain. Grabbing it by the ankles, Mac began vigorously shaking the pants upside down in order to dislodge whatever was hidden inside. A rolled up stack of papers fell out of one of the hip pockets. His first reaction was that it was money, so he dropped the moldering garment and snatched the small papers. To his dismay, and shock to some extent, it was nothing more than one of Terrance’s special magazines’ he’d started reading lately. What he saw in a lot of those things were so filthy that Mac decided it was best for his brother to just keep it. Tossing it in the hamper with a few other unsorted items, he shrugged.

Whites would be first to go, he thought with decision. He talked to himself while doing so to break the deafening silence.

“Okay, so you set the water to hot’, check. Wait a few seconds, then add one scoop of detergent, check. Then add one chug of bleach, then toss in the clothes.”

“Actually, the list says, two chugs’.”

“Hey thanks, I was about to…” He froze. Recognizing the squeaky pitch of the voice behind him, he dutifully continued to pour bleach and toss clothes, not even bothering to turn his head. “Bloo, how the heck did you get in, and why are you here? It’s late.” In a moment he put the lid of the washing machine down and turned.

“Hey, don’t talk to me that way, Mac; you’re the one who blew that totally awesome party we all had planned. Mac’s brow furrowed.

“I’m not in the mood right now, Bloo. I just want to have a quiet night to myself without worrying about you brining the place down.”

“Well then I’ll be out in a half an hour.”

“Why so long?” Quick as a bullet, Bloo got behind Mac and started pushing him, heels skidding, to the door of the laundry room and opened it. Mac’s jaw hit the floor.

What was once Mac’s quiet, suburban home was now a raucous party house, complete with crazy party goers, streamers, balloons, confetti, and loud music. Imaginary friends of all dimensions were packed wall to wall, drinking drinks, eating snack food, and having a good time. Mac could see Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and even Cheese playing a bizarre form of Twister on his living room carpet. Eduardo, cloven hoofed as he was, slipped and nearly crushed the lot of them. They all had a laugh and spun the dial again. Just as soon as their left feet hit a yellow dot, the music went dead silent. All of the party animals…and appliances turned their heads, ready to berate the person spoiling their fun when they saw Mac, red-eyed and teeth bared. He pointed to the door with a whip-crack; not wishing to test the anger of the boy, the imaginary friends filed out of the room, grumbling about the second party in a single day cancelled. As the last bug-eyed friend slumped out of the door, a blue blur flew out of the doorframe. Bloo landed hard on the pavement next to the sidewalk, a fresh shoeprint planted firmly on his behind. Looking back and rubbing his new bruise, Bloo saw his creator holding his arms folded, pacing his left foot.

“One of these days we’re gonna have a talk about you loosening up, pal. It’s not healthy!” Mac just rolled his eyes and shut the door, making sure he locked and dead bolted it. Putting his back on the door and sliding down it with a sigh of relief, Mac readied himself for a long nights sleep. Then he remembered he had chores to finish. Grumbling all the way to the laundry room, Mac picked a pile of clothes from off the floor, and reached up to open the washing machine. To his dismay, it wouldn’t open. Had one of the imaginary friends jammed it, he pondered. The more he tried to open the lid, the more he noticed it give a bit. He couldn’t see a thing through the clothes he was hauling, so he let them fall to the floor. Then, as if the jeans, shorts, and t-shirts were some sort of curtain, they fell to reveal Goo, sitting on the washing machine with a mile-wide grin on her face. Mac buried his head in his hands and began to run his hands through his hair to stem the tide of an oncoming headache. Leaping gracefully off the now unstuck machine, Goo put a palm under Mac’s chin and asked with her typical chipper voice,

“What’s the matter Mac? Not have a good party?”

“I didn’t have a party.”

“Well, then that’s what’s wrong. Party time in the laundry!” With that, she dove into a pile of clothes and began to swim around in them. Coming up from her dive, she had a pair of socks on her ears and nose that made her look like an elephant. She made a trumpeting noise and shot off the sock on her nose. Mac crossed his arms and hid a smile as best he could. No matter what, she could always make him smile. Goo was always so cute in that regard. Cute, as in the puppy and kitten sort adorable, that is, he reminded himself. Ever since her arrival, Mac had always been the end piece of a lot of risqujokes amongst the imaginary friends of Fosters. He understood why, but he still didn’t enjoy the fact, and tried as much as he could to distance himself from her.

Not satisfied with being an elephant, she began to put bins over her head and act like a robot, kick-stepping and all. Mac was laughing, which made Goo laugh also. Who cares, he thought; who the heck was going to know? He was almost on the floor when it suddenly occurred to him that one of the hampers she was making into helmets held a very scarring set of pictures. His mouth was open the same second hers was. She was paused, mid step, with that same dreaded laundry basket held over her head. Although at that angle she was likely looking at the pictures upside down, it didn’t take much conscious thought to tell what they were about. Mac plugged his ears, waiting for the piercing shriek that was inevitably coming. When a minute had passed, he opened an eye and saw Goo, basket still placed squarely over her head, standing still. Was she in shock, he thought? Another minute went by, and Goo said through her helmet of dirty laundry,

“What the heck are these people doing without any clothes on? Bet they’re pretty embarrassed!”

“Uh, yeah!” Mac said, deftly swiping the magazine. “Really embarrassed, now, could you get out? I’ve got to clean up my room.” Goo smiled and rolled her eyes. She was so cute when she did that…wait, what?

“Nah, I think I’ll stay and help you, whaddya think?”

“I think I’m going to have a heart attack.” As the two of them left the smelly room full of smelly clothes, something followed them. Raising their noses, they realized it was the smell. Most of it was following Goo, who was probably busy running around playing all day. Her contact with dirty old clothes probably didn’t help matters.

“P.U.! I smell worse than the imaginary unicorn pens. Howsabout I take a shower before I help you out, Mac?”

“Sh…Shower!? No way, I…”

“Thanks, Mac!” Before he could grab at her to stop her, she’d already gracefully leapt over his head and made his way to the bathroom. As the door slammed shut, Mac put his palm over his face and let it run down. How was he supposed to get anything done this way? It was just one distraction after another. As Mac began to sweep the kitchen floor, his thoughts continually drifted back to Goo, much to his dismay. She was always a good friend, someone he could talk to on a rainy day, and play with on the sunny ones. The fact that she was very imaginative and very attractive only…no, he told himself, no. What a more perfect way to drive away a girl than to get cutesy with them, he conceded; that was one of the last things he wanted. He wanted to be with Goo for a long time. Rats! Even as he tried to help his troubled mind he just made things worse.

Stuffing a pan full of dust into the trash, he worked out how to get Goo out of his head. As the water ran above him, he thought of music. How did he get rid of a song stuck in his head? That’s right! He listened to it really loud on his headphones once or twice and it drowned it right out. Mac didn’t know how it worked, but it did, and he deduced that it would work the same way for this situation. But how was this situation supposed to be resolved? Then it hit him; whenever he looked at his brother’s magazines, he felt like he didn’t want to look at another girl ever again. A cunning smile rose over Macs’ mouth as he slinked his way towards the shower.

Taking his shoes off, Mac slid on the wood floor that lead to the shower. Pressing an ear to the door, he heard her humming some tune that was doubtlessly on some cartoon she saw earlier that morning. She had a pretty singing voice…Mac rolled his eyes at his own silliness again. Turning the door handle with the greatest of care, Mac pushed the door open just thinly enough to see inside. There she was, completely nude, her typically held-up hair wet and hanging at her back. He couldn’t completely see her as the shower curtain was frosted in design and fogged with steam, her shape was still perfectly visible. She was very well rounded, but lithe and fit as someone as active as her should be. Her toned stomach drifted hazily down into an area almost completely enveloped in steam. He could only imagine what the sight would be like if it weren’t. Luckily for him, she was soaping herself down and her eyes were closed, allowing him to get as much of a look as he wanted. As she lifted her leg almost over her head to get at her thighs, Mac felt as if he was going to pass out. His heart raced and his breath came in baited snaps. Closing the door almost loudly enough to be heard, Mac leaned against the wall, wide-eyed, and composed himself.

Quickly sneaking down the stairs, Mac set about rearranging the magazines on the coffee table for no specific purpose than to keep him occupied and not thinking about the incredible sight he had just witnessed. Way to go, he thought angrily and absently, you did the exact opposite of what you wanted; now I can’t stop thinking about her, no matter what. Man, though, if I could have stepped in there, I don’t know what I would have done, I think I might have…

“Have what?” Mac nearly leapt out of his sneakers in fright. How long had she been there? How much had she heard of him thinking aloud? How did…his thoughts completely shut down as his eyes locked on the girl in front of him. Goo was standing in front of him, hot water still steaming over her dark and freckled shoulders, which bore her raven hair that lay upon them like coiling snakes. Apart from her jet-black hair, all she wore was a single towel from his closet. It was wrapped around her waist. As she held her arms akimbo and smiled at him, Mac got a perfect view of Goo’s exposed breasts. They stuck out only by the smallest of margins as her bosoms were still developing, but the cool air caressing them set her nipples to stiffen. As locked onto her chest as he was, something in him couldn’t help but send his focus down to her lower stomach which seemed to make a rounding path that would inexorably lead him to her… he lunged.

Without any conscious thought, Mac placed both hands over her breasts; they were warm to the touch and her nipples felt hard yet supple. As his mind tried to justify what he had just done, he looked up and shakily said to the goddess before him,

“You shouldn’t go out like that, you’re not wearing anything up top!” Not trying to move the boy’s hands, Goo just did that adorable eye-roll and looked at him.

“That’s what’s wrong with you, Mac, you’re too uptight! Live a little, be free!” As she chanted this line, she reached down, grasped the towel at her waist and pulled it free, tossing it in the air, allowing it to land on their heads. As his hands lay perched on Goo’s breasts, his eyes forced his to bridge his head in his arms. There, covered in steamy shadows, twitching and shifting with her body, was her exposed vagina. Reactively, Mac reached his hand down in order to cover it up. To his surprise, two of his fingers slipped in by the slightest of margins. Goo shut her eyes and gasped, placing a hand on the one that had just entered her.

“Holy! Goo, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…” She placed a finger of her other hand on his lips, silencing him. As she did this, she grasped Mac’s wrist with her other hand and sent it deeper within her.

“I know a lot about being free, Mac,” she said with a seductive slant to her tone, “free play, free popcorn at the movies…free love.” Mac was astounded.

“Love? I didn’t know you cared about…” Ever the one to keep him from finishing a sentence, the gap in the towel over their heads melted away as they shared a long, intense kiss. As she pulled away, she looked into Mac’s eyes; they said only yes’. Reaching forward to kiss him again, Goo unbuttoned and unzipped Mac’s pants as he tugged them to the floor. In taking off his shirt, Mac also removed the towel, exposing them both to the cool air of the living room. Mac was nervously sweating, and Goo, her body only somewhat drier than before, began to cover in goosebumps as her skin chilled. Wearing only his underwear, Mac moved in closer, embracing the beautiful girl in front of him to dispel the cold.

As they kissed and ran their hands over one another’s young bodies, exploring each other in ways unimaginable only days before, they felt the need for sex overtake them. Mac, suddenly a bit stronger than before, grasped Goo by the waist and forced her onto the couch, a devious smile overtaking him. As Goo looked on in puzzled enticement, Mac positioned himself over her and began to grind his pelvis and barely-contained organ against her raw flesh, letting the ice-white briefs make a contrast against her rich brown skin. As they kissed and grasped at one another, the grinding increased in pace and pressure, turning the bulge in the underwear into a moistened mound, wet with remaining shower water and Goo’s love. As the briefs became translucent, Goo looked down to view what would soon be part of her. She smiled; Mac was well endowed for such a small frame. Her first love would be her best. As she kept her face locked with Mac’s, she let a hand roam down his completely flat stomach, and let it maneuver into the small opening where the bulge of his manhood forced brief and waist to separate. Grasping onto the boys piece, she tugged gently, feeling it throb as it rubbed against her own slick love gate. Suddenly, Mac pushed himself up, and stared intently at the girl splayed out soaked and nude before him. Holding onto the elastic of his underwear, he tugged down with no resistance. Positioning himself over Goo, the head of his rod touching the cusp of her womanhood, but not fully inside, he hovered his face inches away from hers.


“Mac?” Their faces were filled with indecision now, but trepidation gave way to desire. With the slightest of motions, Mac slipped into Goo, allowing gravity to slowly connect their waists. For a long while they stared at each other in the same way as a moment before, not sure where to go, or if they they should ever stop. As if with a mind of its’ own, Mac’s waist began to lift up again, only to bury itself deeply back into Goo. The motion repeated many times, and each time the two lover’s eyes slowly shut, letting their passion not get in the way of anything else. Goo laid back completely, throwing her legs tightly around Mac. As he reached down and kissed Goo, he tried to pace himself; Goo was incredibly tight, given her virgin nature and her astounding flexibility this didn’t surprise him. It made making love with her the most incredible experience as his shaft seemed to be tugged by a thousand slick hands, dragging him further into the smoky queen below him. Her hair lay in ragged clumps around her shoulders and breasts, moving only as much as would allow Mac to caress and grip them, enhancing Goo’s pleasure. She began to match Mac’s thrusts with her own, making the sound of their union smack in the air. Soon they began to giggle through their soft groans and sighs. It was the most incredible feeling they had ever experienced, and they wanted more.

Goo tossed herself around, pinning Mac to the couch and, after deftly positioning her waist directly over his own, began to ride Mac in a gently, yet powerful manner. Mac gripped her hips and forced her onto his rod, letting her miniscule weight force herself onto his member only harder. As the thrusting intensified, Goo placed her hands on his chest, letting the euphoria build. Mac matched her rhythm and let her long, obsidian hair lash out and caress his face. Suddenly Goo forced herself down incredibly hard and bit her lip, as the first of many orgasms overcame her. Mac took Goo by the waist and continued. Using his newfound strength once more, Mac pulled out and put Goo over the armrest of the couch. Embracing her from behind, Goo held onto Mac’s shaft and guided it into her, letting Mac piston himself in and out, filling the air with the light slaps of waist to butt. Soon the sound increased, the pitch of their grunts and sighs becoming lower.

Goo turned herself around and, using the armrest as a makeshift pillow, pulled her legs almost completely over her head. Mac wasted no time in throwing the long, pencil-thin legs over his small shoulders and continued to thrust away, kissing her face, her lips, her neck, her breasts, anything that would bring them closer together. Mac wasn’t pistoning himself anymore; now he was fully locked with Goo, thrusting, putting as much pressure as he could into her. Goo’s tight womanhood had run slick many times, allowing his rod easy access. Goo’s eyes were almost permanently shut, the exertion of so many orgasms forcing her to make every move. Mac still couldn’t believe how tight she was, even after so much. Holding onto his mocha-toned lover, he stretched out so much he thought he would cramp every muscle of his body and let himself reach orgasm, filling his lover with his seed.

As he looked into his now sleeping love’s shut eyes, he wiped away some of the hair that was shrouding her beautiful face. Kissing her in a way only a lover could, he slept, still locked within Goo.

The morning came a bit too early for the too. They sat, nude, and held hands, wondering what the next day would bring. Looking at each other’s spent, sweaty bodies, they smiled and laughed and walked to the bathroom. As the steamy water in the shower sprayed gently forth, they entered, and made love again, something not planned, but not unimagined.


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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Bloos Mistake – Chapter 1

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Story: Bloos Mistake – Chapter 1

(Hello People!

My little brother wrote a fanfiction with the help of moi, yet because he is not old enough to get an account, I allowed him to use mine. In other words, my brother will see all reviews and such becasue this is hiis story. When he gets an account, however, the story will become his.

Just wanted you guys to know!


Bloo clutched the water balloon, waiting there for his victim, Mr. Harryman to approach the line of fire. After what happened yesterday, Blue was angry.

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