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Fosters Porn Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 6"

Orchid Bay City

Nov. 9, 2005

Careful with that, you ignoramus! the cult leader exhorted as his minion gingerly sprinkled the dust upon the tiled floor. If you get any of that outside the lines, the ritual wont work at all! Jeez… havent any of you been in an unholy ritual before?

Ah, shaddap, his lackey replied dismissively. Stuffs a buncha hooey anyway… I mean, resurrecting an ancient evil?

Well, yeah, Bob, the leader replied. Thats the kind of thing cults do. Whyd you join anyway?

Im balding, okay? I wanted to have an excuse to shave my head.

Youre stupid.

Whatever. Your stupid sands on the floor now. Im outta here. The cultist left, in a huff.

Fine! I dont need you! Youre a big stupid jerk and I hate you! The leader (by now, a leader without anyone to lead) began lighting the candles needed. Soon, he stood, holding the gem above the pile of dust.

Oh, great one, he began, I summon you once again, to do my bidding. The Emerald of Osiris compels it!

The gem began to pulse with light. Slowly, the pile of dust began to flow together, taking the shape of a man. Bandages, seemingly woven from the air around, wrapped the figure from head to toe. Within the folds, eyes and teeth solidified.

Well, now, the mummy said, bury me with Roy Rogers an call me Trigger! The Emerald of Osiris! If that dont beat all! Ooo-ee, ththings I could do with this!

O, great and mighty Kohmen-Getit… grant me the wealth and power I desire!

Now, hold on, there, pardner… it dont quite work that way. The resurrected mummy leaned against the wall of the makeshift temple… actually, an abandoned subway station. Yall can only bring me bac (more…)

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Fosters Hentai Video Part #2: Frankie is going to give someone an unimaginary pleasure

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Video – Part #2

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Fosters Porn Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 7"

Chapter 7: The Power of Imagination

Wilt carefully stepped through the milling crowd of imaginary friends, balancing a large tray of brownies. Adopt-a-Thought Saturday had one again rolled around, and preparations were in full swing. Everywhere, the friends were primping, making sure they looked their best, whether covered in fur, feathers, scales, slime, or, in one case, nacho cheese.

Here and there, Mac fluttered, setting up the signs, balloons, streamers (Mr. Herriman INSISTED on streamers) and other paraphernalia. Hey, Wilt, he said, waving.

Hey. You seen Frankie around?

No… I think shes still playing with that crystal shard she picked up.

Oh, yeah, I saw that last night. She just kinda… fingers it and stares at it.

Yeah… I guess she sees something in it. Or something. Mac set down. Id better remind her to get moving.

He headed inside, his hoofbeats masking the sound of yellow clogs sneaking up behind him. And so, he was taken completely unawares when someone tackled him from behind.

Hiiiiiiiiii, Mac!

Mac squirmed in the grasp of his assailant, looking up into two huge eyes set in a medium-brown face, her curly black hair done up in three unruly braids that bounced around her head. Yes, Goo Barron had arrived, in her own inimitable fashion.

Uh… hi… Mac said, nervously. He hadnt yet told Goo about his change… shed been away during Halloween with her archeologist parents. So howd she even know? How was Mexico? he asked, forcing a change of the subject.

It was okay, I got to explore an ancient temple an there was a funny statue and a weird crystal but Oooh! You look really awesome (more…)

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Fosters Porn Video Part #1: Frankie knows what to do with big cock when it is not imaginary

Fosters Porn Video – Part #1

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Fosters Hentai Video Part #3: Bloo has a quickie with Frankie!

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Video – Part #3

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Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Porn Video Part #2: Bloo breeds Frankie for fucky-fucky… and she agrees!

Fosters Hentai Video – Part #2

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Fosters Hentai Video Part #1: The spectacular Frankie lets Bloo to plow her rear end fashion!

Fosters Hentai Video – Part #1

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Fosters Hentai Story: "Frankie – Chapter 1"

Awww… guys, you shouldnt have. Francis Louise Frankie Foster blew out the 23 candles on her cake. Shed almost forgotten today was the day, and was expecting the usual drudgery. So, the party had been a pleasant surprise.

Well, the credit really goes to Mac here. Wilt, a tall, gangly, and almost supernaturally-polite creature, placed his one hand on the 8-year-olds shoulders. He found out when your birthday was when the two of you were re-filing all those records that somehow wound up crumpled up and lying around the lobby.

The boy smiled. It was nothing, really. You deserve it for everything that you put up with.

The lovely titian-haired young woman blushed. I… I really dont know what to say.

Frankies grandmother, Agatha, as lively today as shed been in her youth, supplied the answer. Say… LETS PARTY!

Several exhausting hours of dancing and party games later, it came time to open her gifts.

Mr. Herriman, the lagomorphic majordomo of the house, gave her a day-planner (to prevent any further lollygaggery, hed said; Frankie already had a 512-MB PDA but was too polite to point it out). Wilt bore an array of scented bath salts; Eduardo, the hulking-yet-lovable monster, a homemade beaded seat cushion; Coco, an odd, manic creature that seemed to be the illegitimate offspring of a duck, a palm tree, and a 747, had laid an egg that contained the massage chair shed been coveting. Mac contributed a pint of homemade ice-cream containing Madame Fosters own cookie dough.

Finally, Madame Foster handed over a tiny box. Here… this is for keeping me young all these years.

She opened it.

Grandma… these are the keys to your car.

No, dear… theyre (more…)

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Fosters Hentai Story: "Pilll – Chapter 1"

Sigh, yet another story that wouldn’t leave my mind. D: And sorry about not updating Universes Collide Or The Hacker, I am having MAJOR Writers Block on UC, Hacker isn’t that bad though. Anywaaay, if you’re wondering why I Decided to do a Foster’s fanfic, well…

I was guessing ACC Was down and I was bored, so I went to the games on Cartoon Network and found a FHFIF game where you make your own imaginary friend. I did make one and soon, the gears in my mind began cranking. This chapter only look me about 30 minutes or so to make. My gears must’ve been cranking so hard you could practically see smoke.
Ah, you are still reading this? Well…stop reading it and read the story itself, Gosh Darnit!
Chapter 1: The beginning of the story

Do I really HAVE to go? Pilll whined, his long blue bat-like, maybe even Eevee-like ears drooping. Aubreys mom nodded. I dont do well with being a hobo, and this fake-diamond staff is sure to be stolen by some other homeless idiot. Pilll fast-talked.
Im sure some younger child will find and take care of you. Aubreys mom said soothingly.
Y-younger child?! Are you crazy, woman?! I dont do well with five and below year olds. Remember Joey?
Hes got a point there, Mom. And besides, if Pilll isnt here, I have no one else to play with, and with no one else to play with, Ill just stay on the computer all day. Aubrey interrupted. Well, I have heard of this place nearby, where orphaned imaginary friends go. Im sure theyll let you hang out there as well. Maybe you could even help out there. Aubreys mom explained.
Okay, but if they dont serve 3 square meals, Im going to sue! Pilll threatened.(more…)

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Fosters Porn Story: "A Little Privacy Would Be Nice – Chapter 1"

Authors Warning: Like everything else, this takes place in my series, set up by the events in my first story More Than My Friend where the big event is that Frankie adopts Mac and becomes his guardian. If you havent read that story yet, I strongly suggest you do so now, or else you might get terribly confused.

Okay, just to make surewhich one looks better? This? Or this? The redhead asked as for the seventh time she first held up the small black dress to her lanky frame, and then did the exact same with a near-identical garment that she held in her other hand.

Well? Frances Frankie Foster inquired, eager for input. What do you think, pal? Which one do you like better? This oneor this one?

The boy standing a few feet away just clapped his hands over the side of his head, as if he was having so much difficulty fathoming her indecisiveness it actually pained him.

Theyre the same thing. He answered yet again, while silently praying desperately that his guardian would actually listen to him. Much to his dismay however, the instant he raised this objection, Frankie promptly squatted down and began explaining ever so diligently why he was mistaken.

No, see, this ones cut a little bit shorter at the bottom. Also, you can see how they used a darker dye on

Despite her best efforts, all the poor child simply couldnt spot the specific details like she could for the life of him, a fact he made quite clear when he gazed straight into her eyes and protested softly, yet defiantly, Its the same exact dress.

As she read the exasperation stamped over his expression it was about then that Frankie realized the child was reaching the limits of his patience. It wasnt as if she could blame him though, for after she checked her digital wristw (more…)

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