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Fosters Hentai Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 4"

Well, here it is, a new chapter, and a new title for the story… and just in time for Halloween, too! I wasnt sure I was going to finish it on time, but it looks like I got lucky!

Dark Wolf 021: Dont apologize, sometimes my lazy ass needs pushing.

Tori007otaku: Update soon? Is now okay?

Kelt: Im very anal about my spelling; any errors that somehow get through are usually legitimate typos that I didnt catch.

Barry: Yes, Halloween will prove very interesting for Frankie, and bring a big change to the life of someone very close to her.

Dracozombie: So do I… so do I.

Lonestar: Im glad you think Im not repeating myself. Though, this story will soon share one more thing in common with Rhondagenesis… no hints as to what.

Demon Guyver: All right already.

Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie

Chapter IV: Halloween Horrors

Well, what do you think?

Frankie did a quick twirl in front of the assembled guests. She had on her magenta sweater and purple skirt, the one shed worn the night she met Dylan Lee (may he rot in hell, amen), modified, of course, for her transformed body. She had also donned a pair of earrings with stones that matched her pendant. Shed even accessorized her three tails with ribbons. After all… it was her first night clubbing in six months.

Ever since her transformation half a year ago, Frankied been laying low. Being a demon tends to stunt your social life, after all.

But tonight was Halloween. It was a night for the unusual.

Ahem, responded Mr. Herriman, I shall refrain from comment on your appalling attire… dreadful though it may be. I will, however, point out that you have neglected your assignment to redecorate the Continue reading

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Fosters Porn Story: "Memoirs of a Demon Named Frankie – Chapter 6"

Orchid Bay City

Nov. 9, 2005

Careful with that, you ignoramus! the cult leader exhorted as his minion gingerly sprinkled the dust upon the tiled floor. If you get any of that outside the lines, the ritual wont work at all! Jeez… havent any of you been in an unholy ritual before?

Ah, shaddap, his lackey replied dismissively. Stuffs a buncha hooey anyway… I mean, resurrecting an ancient evil?

Well, yeah, Bob, the leader replied. Thats the kind of thing cults do. Whyd you join anyway?

Im balding, okay? I wanted to have an excuse to shave my head.

Youre stupid.

Whatever. Your stupid sands on the floor now. Im outta here. The cultist left, in a huff.

Fine! I dont need you! Youre a big stupid jerk and I hate you! The leader (by now, a leader without anyone to lead) began lighting the candles needed. Soon, he stood, holding the gem above the pile of dust.

Oh, great one, he began, I summon you once again, to do my bidding. The Emerald of Osiris compels it!

The gem began to pulse with light. Slowly, the pile of dust began to flow together, taking the shape of a man. Bandages, seemingly woven from the air around, wrapped the figure from head to toe. Within the folds, eyes and teeth solidified.

Well, now, the mummy said, bury me with Roy Rogers an call me Trigger! The Emerald of Osiris! If that dont beat all! Ooo-ee, ththings I could do with this!

O, great and mighty Kohmen-Getit… grant me the wealth and power I desire!

Now, hold on, there, pardner… it dont quite work that way. The resurrected mummy leaned against the wall of the makeshift temple… actually, an abandoned subway station. Yall can only bring me bac Continue reading

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Madame Foster has hern ways to punish naughty Frankie…

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See how sexy Frankie from “Fosters” gets fucked in her tight ass

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Danny Phantom porn

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Naked Frankie from “Fosters” in a graphic style

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